The original committee

Ronnie Walsh
T.P, McKenna
Pat Layde
Don Harris
Liam Brady
Siobhan McKenna
Garech de Brun
Senator Eoin Ryan
Mrs. Eoin Ryan
Jim Fitzgerald
Michael Farrell
Sheila O’Grady

Seat Sponsors

Dan MacNello
Dr. George Otto Simms
Lord Moyne
John Heath-Stubbs
Cearbhal O Dalaigh
David Wright
Lord Kilbracken

Patrick Kavanagh's seat - photographs from the annual gathering

Some pictures taken at the 2007 gathering.

Patrick kavanagh seat photo
At the Kavanagh seat on 17/March/2007 at about 3:00pm

Macdara Woods is reading his address, Eilean Ni Chuilleanain is keeping the rain off as usual and enjoying the content.

The young child sitting on the seat is my niece aged seven, she has the interesting record of attending the Kavanagh seat gathering for more years than her age! Her first attendance was in utero with my sister Gina.

Patrick kavanagh seat photo
Grandad and Grand daughter Sitting on the Kavanagh seat

This is a picture of my father Liam aged 88 and his grand daughter at the seat on Patrick’s day 2007, he has attended every year since 1968.

Patrick kavanagh seat photo
Liam Brady and Macdara Woods enjoying a joke

The ‘Niagara Falls’ lock gates can be seen in the background.

Patrick kavanagh seat photo
The ‘other’ Kavanagh seat, on the north bank.

It should be noted that there is no ‘rivalry’ between the two seats, it’s just that the ‘wood and granite’ seat was in use 23 years before the bronze sculpture, and the annual gathering continued there. My father Liam Brady helped the artist John Coll with Kavanagh’s appearance and demeanour even to the detail that Paddy’s shoe laces were seldom tied!